Create a rate

Before you can create a rate, you must create the rate group it belongs in.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.
  2. Select your stay service.
  3. Click Rates.
  4. Click the + button.
  5. Select the Enabled checkbox to make this rate available, or leave it unselected to make it available at a later time.
  6. Choose to create a private or public rate.
    • Public rates are visible to anyone, and they can be booked through Commander and any connected channel.
    • Private rates cannot be booked through Commander or Distributor unless connected to a voucher. Private rates may also be booked through distribution channels if mapped to a channel manager integration.
  7. Enter the rate details. See our reference article for an in-depth explanation of fields on this screen.
  8. Click Create.
  9. The rate will be created with a default currency, price, and tax rate. You can update these fields with the desired currency, price, and tax rate if necessary.
  10. Click Save.