The integration between Mews and Onity door lock allows you to speed up the check-in time by cutting the keys directly from Mews Commander's reservation module (not having to operate with a separate Onity application).

Should you be interested in integrating your Onity key cutters with Mews PMS, please contact


Mews connector

1. Download the Mews connector on a computer that should always stay switched on.

2. In Mews, go to Menu > Integrations > Connector integration Onity (this was created and enabled for you by the Mews backend office).

3. Copy the Access token (make sure that Privileges are set to Receive command updates -> if not, contact and paste it to the the settings of the Mews connetor. Make sure that in the Advanced settings, there is Server Url set up to

4. Make sure that the Mews connector is Online (you will see that in the bottom right corner). If not, please make sure that the Connector token matches the one in Mews Commander and that the Url in the Advanced settings is correct as above. Should it still not be online, please contact

Key cutter integration in Mews

1. Go to Menu > Integrations > New integrations > Key cutter integration.

2. Name: Onity.

3. API URL: this consists of three parts:

a) http://

b) IP address of the computer where the Onity application is running.

c) Port on which the Onity is running. You find this information in the Onity application where you go to Configuration > Station configuration (make sure that the Enable PMS Connection is ticked) > Ethernet > Service number.

d) So the API URL will look something like this:

4. Click Create.

5. Click Key cutter where you set up all the key cutters (encoders) that you are using.

6. Create all the key cutters (encoders) that you are using to create the keys for the guests in the hotel.

a) Name: name them how you are used to recognize them (e.g. Encoder 1, Encoder 2, Key cutter Reception, etc.)

b) Identifier: this is information that you will find in the Onity application when you click on Diagnostics and you copy the identifier that is under Address column.

c) Data JSON: here you fill { "Type": "OnityKeyCutter" }.

7. If room numbers in Mews Commander and in Onity are identical, there is no need to map them to each other. However, if they differ in any aspect, manual mapping needs to be done via Key cutter mapping.

8. Once all from above is finished, please inform and we will activate the key cutters for your integration.

How to cut keys from Mews

If everything from the above manual was followed, you should have two new buttons in the Reservation module on the State tab where you make the check-in:

Cut all keys (this button cuts keys for number of companions in all of the selected rooms within the group).

Cut key (this button cuts keys for the number of companions in the selected room).

These buttons are inactive ("greyed out") unless the reservation(s) is checked-in. Once you check-in the reservation, the button becomes active and you can select on which encoder the commands to cut the keys should be sent. Once you do, within couple of seconds, the key cutter of your selection should "ping" and the display indicates for which room the key(s) is being cut.

The key is valid from the moment of cutting till the check-out time of the reservation.

Good to know

1. When the guest prolongs the reservation, you need to cut new key to make sure the added days/hours are cut on the key.


Should you encounter any issues with the integration, please contact