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Seasons and CXL policy

Some hotels may use different cancellation policies according to high or low season. Will be very useful to be able to set a different CXL policy for the same Rate Groups according to seasons / date ranges


Summer vs Winter

Weekdays vs Weekends

Special Events (New Year, Easter, Congresses, etc.)

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Hi Amin,

Thank you very much for the suggestion.

I can understand your point, however I don't think this will be a good feature. If you have different cancellation policies for weekdays and weekends and a guest books for Sunday and Monday, which cancellation policy should be applied? How are you going to describe this in your cancellation policy information? I think this will only confuse the guests and probably they will not book at the end.

To have this implemented I would advise you to create different rates and rate groups (with different cancellation policies) for high and low season and just close the ones you do not need for the specific period.

I hope the above makes sense to you.

Thank you again for the suggestion. We will be very happy to hear more suggestions from you in the future.


Teodora Vandeva

Customer Success Supervisor

+420 734 573 666

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