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Feature Request: Restrictions for Room Types / Rates choice

We are using a channel manager that can do this BUT modifying the planning in the calendar there is "destructive" so unlike mews restrictions that you can delete you have to reprogram restrictions that overwrite the old ones and you cannot look them up later, only day by day in the calendar. 

Mews is much more elegant but it lacks the control over room categories. So we suggest the following feature:


While I was at it I thought Selecting the Rates would make the restrictions more "Global" and flexible.

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Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the suggestion.

As many of us has hotel background we do understand how important this is. It is actually a feature which is already in our pipeline for development. It will be created in the beginning of 2018 but still not sure for the exact date of deploy.

We will keep you posted.

Have a nice rest of the week!




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