Set up deposits

Deposits are revenue items that can be posted to a customer’s bill to ensure that tax is accounted for at the time of payment (if your legal environment requires it).

Not sure if deposits are right for you? Learn more about deposits.

Step 1: Create your accounting categories

To track deposits in your reports and/or external accounting software, you need one accounting category for positive deposits and one for negative deposits.

Learn more about how to create an accounting category.

Step 2: Connect your accounting categories

After you create the accounting categories for deposits, you need to connect them to your stay service.

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.
  2. Click on your stay service.
  3. Under Accounting, select the Positive deposit accounting category and Negative deposit accounting category fields (created in Step 1).
  4. Click Save.

What's next?

Create a deposit

Set up deposits

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