Create a room key

You can create room keys directly in Commander if you have a key cutter integration set up at your property.

  1. Open the Reservation Module.
  2. Go to the State tab.
  3. Under Key count, select the number of keys you want to create.
    • If the reservation is for one person, the Key count field will not appear.
    • You cannot create more keys than the number of people on the reservation. For example, if you have a reservation for five people, you can create a maximum of five keys.
  4. Click Cut key.
  5. Select the key cutting device you want to use.


If you're having trouble creating a room key, go to the Device Commands Queue for more info about what went wrong.

Create duplicate room keys

If you need to create duplicate keys for guests arriving at different times, you can set up your key cutters to allow it. For more information, learn about setting up your key cutter integration.

Create a room key

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